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Building Contractor in Barnsley

Building Contractor in Barnsley | Key Regulations Surrounding Building Work

In the UK, there are many regulations surrounding construction and associated services. As building contractors with 30 years of combined experience, we have extensive knowledge of regulations and comply with all rules. Whether undertaking extensions, new builds, renovations or other services in Barnsley, we offer expert advice on relevant legislation and ensure your project is fully compliant. To give you an understanding of some of the key regulations surrounding building work, we have put together this handy guide.


When planning construction, it is essential to know the rules that apply to your project. This prevents any legal issues or fines and ensures work meets the highest standards of safety and quality.

Permitted Development & Planning Permission

Many construction projects in Barnsley fall within permitted development rights, meaning they don’t need planning permission. Our building contractors can carry out certain house extensions, conversions and renovations without permission, but they must meet certain criteria.


With so many years in the industry, we know all the key guidelines for permitted development and advise on the requirements of your project. Whether or not you will need permission depends on the type and extent of work.


In addition, there are other factors that may mean you need planning permission, for example if you live in a conservation area or a listed building. Our building contractors advise on any restrictions.


Gas Work


Only Gas Safe registered engineers can carry out gas work in Barnsley and across the UK. This is a legal requirement that ensures the safety of gas appliances and minimises risks to you and your household.


Misura Ltd has Gas Safe engineers that work alongside our building contractors on extensions, new builds and renovations to provide compliant services. This includes the installation of heating systems and gas ovens as well as the redirection of pipework.




Our team of building contractors and engineers work to Part P of the Building Regulations on all domestic jobs in Barnsley as well as IET Wiring and British Standards EN Regulations on commercial projects.


Whether undertaking partial rewiring, full new installation or fitting power points and lighting, it is essential for electrical work to meet set standards of safety and quality. This ensures your electrical system works as it should while providing the highest levels of safety and reliability.


Fire Safety


Approved Document B of the Building Regulations addresses fire safety precautions for dwellings and other buildings. There are various safety standards building work in Barnsley must comply with, such as:


  • Means of Escape
  • Ability to Internally Isolate a Blaze
  • Firefighter Access
  • Fire Detection & Warning Systems


It is essential for our building contractors to provide suitable materials and features to meet fire safety regulations. In some cases, this may mean we have to alter designs.


Building Control Approval


Most building work in Barnsley will require building control approval. This ensures work meets building regulations and involves various inspections before, during and after construction.


Even if your project does not require planning permission, it is still subject to building regulations approval.

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