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Fitted Kitchens in Barnsley

Fitted Kitchens in Barnsley | 6 Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

Designing a new kitchen is exciting but there are so many modern features to choose from. To ensure your space lives up to expectations, it is essential to design a kitchen that offers maximum function as well as the style and extra features you want. When planning fitted kitchens in Barnsley and the surrounding areas, Misura Ltd provides expert advice which includes the latest design ideas to give you the most from your space.


The following are some popular features that look right at home in new kitchen installations:


1. Kitchen Islands


If you have enough space, it is definitely worth considering a kitchen island. These can completely transform the way you use your kitchen in Barnsley, but you need plenty of space around the island so it doesn’t feel in the way.


Islands in fitted kitchens can provide a space for sinks, hobs, wine fridges and extra storage as well as a dining area.


2. Built-In Appliances


Built-in appliances have become increasingly popular for contemporary kitchens in Barnsley. Eye level ovens let you see your food more easily and mean you don’t have to stoop to get food in and out. Built-in microwaves and coffee machines are also ideal for fitted kitchens because they don’t take up counter space.


In addition, integrated fridges, freezers and dishwashers provide a seamless design and prevent ugly appliances ruining the look of your kitchen.


3. Kitchen-Diner


Open plan kitchen-dining spaces are a popular feature for homes in Barnsley and the surrounding areas. By combining fitted kitchens with a dining area, we make it easier for families and households to spend time together while maximising the function of your space.


4. More Drawers


Many modern kitchens opt for drawers rather than cupboards. This is because deep drawers offer more convenient and efficient storage. They are suitable for all kinds of items, including large pots, baking appliances and food. A considerable benefit of drawers is that you don’t have to rummage at the back of cupboards for the item you need.


5. Smart Appliances


If you want a contemporary kitchen in Barnsley that incorporates the latest technology, you need smart appliances. There are various features we can include in fitted kitchens, such as boiling water taps, fridges with touchscreens and voice-controlled microwaves.


Smart appliances make daily life as simple as possible and keep you up to date with the latest advancements in kitchen technology.


6. Adapted Kitchens


Misura Ltd is a disability housing specialist, providing adapted kitchens for customers in Barnsley with mobility difficulties and limitations, including wheelchair users. If you have a disability, you will benefit massively from a kitchen tailored to your specific needs.


When designing and installing fitted kitchens, we can integrate a variety of fixtures and fittings to make daily life much easier for our disabled customers. This includes adaptations such as low-level wall units and deep recessed plinths.

Contact Misura Ltd on 07525 728606 for thoughtfully designed fitted kitchens in Barnsley and all the surrounding areas.

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