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House Extensions in Barnsley

House Extensions in Barnsley | Planning to Get the Most from Your Extension

While extending your home is an excellent way to create the space you need, it takes plenty of planning to ensure you get the most from your extension. At Misura Ltd, we take the time to get to know each customer and what they want to achieve from house extensions. We then work with you to plan every area of the project, with thoughtful designs that maximise space, function and efficiency. Find out how proper planning helps you get the most from your extension in Barnsley or the surrounding areas.


No matter your reasons for extending your home, Misura Ltd delivers ideal results that allow you to fully enjoy your new space.


Energy Efficiency


One way we help our customers get the most from house extensions is by maximising the energy efficiency of the structure. This has a variety of benefits such as lowering household bills, reducing environmental impact and creating a warmer, more comfortable space.


To maximise the efficiency of your extension in Barnsley, it is important to consider energy efficiency at the design stage. This ensures we incorporate all necessary features, such as:


  • High Performance Insulation
  • Double or Triple Glazed Windows
  • Efficient Boilers & Heating Systems
  • Eco-Friendly Appliances


Energy efficient solutions are a key aspect of our new builds as well as extensions.




Your new space should meet your needs which is why, when constructing house extensions, it is essential to consider how you will use the space. Taking this into account, we design your extension in Barnsley for maximum function.


This can include various aspects, for example the number and placement of sockets and light switches, the type of lighting, the layout of kitchens and the location of radiators. By taking these features into account, we ensure your extension perfectly suits your requirements.


Furthermore, with careful planning, house extensions in Barnsley can make other areas of your property more usable. For example, features such as bifold doors and continuous flooring connect your inside and outside spaces, giving you the most from your home and garden.




As part of your home, an extension should blend in seamlessly with the rest of your property. This prevents a disjointed design that can negatively affect the comfort and function of your Barnsley home.


To ensure house extensions connect effectively with the existing building, we consider the flow of the space as well as design. For example, creating an open plan space allows your current home to flow seamlessly into the extension. Alternatively, carrying designs, themes and styles from your existing rooms through the extension helps it blend with the rest of your home.


It is also important to consider the external appearance of house extensions. Using materials that match the rest of your property, we create structures that blend in with the existing building. This ensures the extension suits its environment and is often a condition of permitted development or planning permission in Barnsley.

For thoughtful house extensions in Barnsley that give you the most from your home, get in touch with Misura Ltd on 07525 728606.

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