House Extensions in Doncaster

House Extensions in Doncaster | Design Ideas to Embrace Nature

Many homeowners in Doncaster and the surrounding areas want to bring nature into their homes. There are many benefits to doing so, such as improving mental wellbeing and creating a connection between your home and garden. House extensions are an ideal way to embrace nature within your home because they can include a variety of features to better connect inside and outside spaces.


Established in 2011, Misura Ltd has ample experience creating ideal spaces for our customers in the Doncaster area. On every project we undertake we offer expert advice and solutions to bring nature into your home in a way that suits your needs and your property.


The following are some popular design ideas for house extensions:


1. Large Windows & Rooflights


When constructing extensions in Doncaster, Misura Ltd includes plenty of windows. This maximises natural light inside your home and creates a greater sense of connection with the outdoors because there is less of a barrier. For example, smaller windows or less of them results in more solid wall which prevents you seeing outside and makes your home darker and dingier.


Rooflights are also popular features of single storey house extensions. Again, these maximise natural light, but they also provide a view of the sky, making it seem as if you are outdoors.


2. Bifold Doors & Continuous Flooring


Extending you home in Doncaster is an ideal opportunity to better connect your home and garden. This gives you the most out of all areas of your property as well as bringing the natural world into your home.


Bifold doors completely open up the back of your house providing a seamless transition between inside and outside spaces. This is especially beneficial in summer, when bifold doors offer a free-flowing entertainment or dining space.


In addition, continuous flooring further helps create this sense of connection between house extensions and gardens in Doncaster. There are many attractive flooring options that are perfect for interior and exterior spaces, allowing your flooring to continue uninterrupted into your garden. This results in a seamless transition between your home and garden and creates a practical patio.


3. Natural Materials & Colour Schemes


If the above features of house extensions aren’t for you, of if you want to bring natural elements deeper into your Doncaster home, natural materials and colour schemes are the perfect solution.


Wood floors, worktops and furniture along with earthy tones help create a natural feel. Other materials that bring nature into your home include natural stone, bamboo, sea grass and wicker. With thoughtful decoration and furnishings, you can embrace nature throughout your property.

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