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House Extensions in Wakefield | Is Open Plan Living Right for Your Home?

Open plan spaces are popular with all kinds of households in Wakefield and the surrounding areas. They are ideal for various property types, creating lighter and more free-flowing spaces that allow you to get the most from your home. House extensions are a popular way to create open plan living areas, although renovations and interior alterations can be just as effective. But how do you know if your property is suitable for an open plan design? Read our blog to find out.


When you mention open plan, most people think of a combined kitchen and dining space. However, it can refer to opening up any area of your home in Wakefield, whether you want to create a larger living room or combine bedrooms. There are also complete and partial open plan designs, with or without house extensions.


Current Style of Your Home


The current style of your home can help decide if you will benefit from an open plan design. For example, Victorian properties in Wakefield tend to have smaller, darker rooms, so removing an internal wall is ideal for creating a brighter and more usable space.

In addition, if you have a separate kitchen and dining area, open plan house extensions are ideal for connecting these spaces for a more efficient and connected design.


Communal or Private Spaces?


One of the most important aspects to consider before committing to an open plan home in Wakefield, is what kind of space you are comfortable with. Open plan areas are communal living spaces that are often a hub of activity. While this is perfect for family life, it doesn’t suit everyone.


If you really value your privacy and quiet time, you might think twice before opening up your entire home. However, while a full interior alteration might not suit you, house extensions from Misura Ltd enable you to create an open plan space without completely losing individual rooms.


Light & Flow


Many homeowners in Wakefield opt for open plan alterations and house extensions to improve light and the flow of their properties. Without interior walls blocking natural light, your home is much brighter and airier. The lack of walls also creates a more seamless and natural flow between different areas of your home.


This is where house extensions are particularly beneficial because large bifold doors can connect your home and garden while rooflights allow more natural light into your Wakefield property.


However, you may already have an efficient layout that works for you, and light may not be an issue in your home. In these cases, it’s important to think about how you will benefit from an open plan design, and if it is worth altering your current space.

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